Post Tax Season Thoughts

As the 2016 initial tax filing deadline has now passed and after a short rest, my blog post is being posted a bit late this month. I will keep it short. The tax filing season is grueling but temporary. I … Continued

Tis the Season!

Since we are knee-deep in the hoopla here at Weech Financial, I will keep my comments brief this month. First, a hearty thanks to all our clients for your patronage – we appreciate you choosing us to handle your tax … Continued

Random Tax Season Tidbits

As we are now truly in the throes (or joy, depending on your perspective) of tax season, I decided to use this month’s blog to toss a smattering of random thoughts your way related to 2017 and predictions for tax-related … Continued

Pre-Tax Filing Season Notes

Well, another year has passed and here we are again staring the tax filing season in the face. The IRS will begin accepting e-file returns on Monday (1-23-17) and the season officially begins. At Weech Financial, we will begin accepting … Continued

Finding True Happiness in Helping Others

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, I am taking a break from the tax and accounting focus and wanted to talk about true happiness instead. It is my hypothesis that, deep down, each of us desires … Continued

2016 Tax Planning, Options for Paying Tax Due

One year ago, I published a blog titled, “The Benefits of Year-end Tax Planning” and that can be found on our website under blogs. I would echo the thoughts shared in that blog again this year and I also want … Continued

Beware of Scam IRS Phone Calls, Emails

Over the past couple of years, I have had a noticeable increase in frantic calls from clients who have just received a phone call from someone purporting to be from the “IRS” or are still on the other line with … Continued

Taxation of Olympic Medals and Other Prizes

Did you know that Olympic medal winners must pay tax on the medals they receive? In fact, they must pay tax on the value of the medals received and the victory bonus they receive from the U.S. Olympic Committee as … Continued

Presidential Candidate Tax Proposals

As this is a presidential election year, I wanted to compare┬áthis month the tax proposals that the nominees or presumptive nominees of each major party have proposed to date. Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination this week at the Republican … Continued