Mid-term Election Madness

There are less than two weeks left until the mid-term elections. My oldest son is a political junky and would typically wade deep into politics, especially at this time of year. His employment was even in the political environment before he left to serve a church mission near the middle of last year. Even though his focus is different now, he still checks with me to learn tidbits regarding the election and which races are hotly contested, etc.

Politics can be crazy and disheartening sometimes. Most people would rather not delve into the underworld of political debate and rancor. I enjoy watching our political process, but don’t share the same level of fervor that my son has for that arena. I am not much for contention and argument.

As I have discussed in prior posts, the political environment does affect each of us, however, as laws passed change how much in taxes we pay as well as many other areas of our lives. No matter where you stand in your values, beliefs and political leanings, it is most important that we maintain civility and respect and avoid the nasty and sometimes violent discussions and actions that evolve. We are all Americans and need to maintain respect for one another.

At this time of year, I urge you to vote and exercise that freedom and right that many have died to preserve. Many will say that their vote won’t really count since it is only one among so many. Collectively, each of our votes do count and by choosing not to vote, you are leaving the decision-making process in the hands of others. In my opinion, if I don’t exercise my right to vote, I really don’t have a basis to complain or question decisions made by our governmental leaders.

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Mark J Weech, CPA