Tax Filing Deadlines, Arizona Tax Credits

Well, the party is well underway now! In fact, we are close to the halfway point of the current tax filing season. The 2018 S-corporation and partnership initial filing deadline is a week from Friday on March 15th. The individual filing deadline is less than six weeks away on April 15th. As of February 28th, our firm had completed slightly more tax returns than we had at that point last year. If you have not provided our office with your tax documents and information yet, please do so this week or next.

There is still time to affect your 2018 income tax returns should you choose to do so. If eligible, you can still fund a traditional or Roth IRA up until the April 15th deadline and still have it count for tax year 2018. Likewise, there are five Arizona tax credits, four of which can still be funded for tax year 2018. We work closely with Arizona Tuition Connection and they have created a website that does a great job explaining each of these Arizona credits. It can be found here. Please visit the site to learn more about these credits.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We appreciate our clients and would love to assist anyone that is not already a client!

Mark J Weech, CPA