Business Accounting

Weech Financial, PLLC provides a wide range of accounting, consulting and bookkeeping services depending on the needs of our clients. Our full service package includes monthly financial statement preparation along with monthly sales tax return preparation, when applicable. The package also includes payroll processing, quarterly payroll tax return preparation and annual W-2 and 1099 preparation. Lastly, we also offer accounts payable payment processing, when requested. We offer these services as a cafeteria plan so that our clients can pick and choose which services they desire us to provide and which services they will handle in-house.

We also have several clients that maintain their bookkeeping function in-house, and then utilize our accounting consulting services on a monthly or quarterly basis to examine their records for needed adjustments or corrections.

Regardless of whether our clients use our full service bookkeeping package, our accounting consulting service option, or some hybrid version of service in between, the end result is that reliable and accurate financial statements are available at year end that make preparing the annual income tax returns a much more streamlined and efficient process. Our bookkeeping clients will attest to the fact that the utilization of our accounting and bookkeeping services has greatly reduced their stress and their anxiety level related to their financial record keeping process. They will tell you that this, in turn, has allowed them to focus more fully on what they do best – run their business successfully.