Client References

See what real Weech Financial clients have to say about our business:

“We are excited to recommend Mark Weech and his staff for any accounting services you may need. We have known Mark for 8 years, and can attest to his personal integrity and strong work ethic. We trust his knowledge and experience. Mark is a very detail oriented person and as a result has been able to save us money. He always thoroughly goes over our taxes, and we feel our business receives the best financial outcome. He is conscientious and dedicated to servicing his clients.

We always know that we can call Mark or his staff with a question and they will get back to us promptly. We have done this on more than one occasion!  Mark is patient, warm and has a great sense of humor. He is easy to work with and has always conducted himself in a professional manner. We also take advantage of his bookkeeping staff. They have helped train us on using QuickBooks and opened a whole new dimension in the way we view our business. This has helped us tremendously.

As a small business owner, it is a relief to have someone we can trust who has the knowledge and experience necessary to keep up with our growing business. We feel confident in recommending Mark Weech for all of your accounting needs.”

M5-networkingDuane Gordon
M5 Networking LLC
Gilbert, AZ


“I have had the distinct privilege of being a client of Mark Weech and his team at Weech Financial, PLLC since 2004 and cannot recommend him highly enough for his professionalism and skill in the arena of business accounting and financial services. I have recommended him to numerous clients, friends and colleagues for business start-up organization and financial health, and all have been more than happy with the referral. Mark consistently goes above and beyond his clients’ expectations by providing exceptional customer service, timely responses to email and voicemail messages, and detailed, clear explanations of questions or concerns regarding tax law and its application to a given situation.

Mark has helped me with many financial growing pains over the years as my business has evolved, but the most crucial to the success of my business was the conversion of my sole proprietorship to a limited liability company. Mark advised me of the financial benefits of forming an LLC with my growing business, advised me of the proper forms and filing requirements necessary in the state of Arizona, and although I chose to file the forms on my own, he offered his service of filing them for me to save me the hassle and time away from my business. After the LLC was organized, he met with me to discuss the changes needed in my business bookkeeping to accommodate for the new business structure including setting monthly guaranteed payments, disbursements, and estimated quarterly tax payments. He met with me again at the end of the year to assess his projection of my business growth for the year and my estimated quarterly tax payments to make sure they were proportional to my business’ actual growth.

As a potenial client of Weech Financial, I cannot impress upon you enough that you are in the right hands with Mark Weech and his team. Their skills made my business transition seamless, and they have consistently delivered accurate and timely tax returns year after year with impeccable customer service. I trust Mark Weech implicitly with the financial health of my business, and I recommend him without reservation.”

neuromuscular-studioRachel Carroll
The Neuromuscular Studio LLC
Tempe, AZ


“Mark has been “my guy” for over a decade now. I have always been treated with the utmost respect in a professional setting. Over the last 11 years, I have gotten to know Mark more on a personal level and he is a fantastic family man. I always enjoyed our conversations and they make the tax season much friendlier. He is a very personable businessman and always gets my taxes done in a decent time frame. His staff is always extremely friendly as well.

Over the years we have shared our industry knowledge with one another, and that has led to a trustworthy relationship. I am a mortgage lender and from time to time, I will be able to help Mark’s clients, making them a mutual client. Every chance I get I am referring people to Mark for his services, and I believe that is reciprocated. Mark has saved my family money with his attention to detail and his passion for his career.

In closing, I am sure you will find Mark Weech to be a huge asset to your accounting needs as a business or with family taxes. He also has such a wealth of knowledge of referrals for other businesses as well, all built on trust and experience.”

Eric Kinnemanjpeg
LendSmart Mortgage
Phoenix, AZ