A long break – unintentional

It has been since late August that I have written a blog and I apologize! The delay is in large part due to my heart troubles that occurred near the end of Labor Day Weekend. I woke up on that … Continued

Presidential Candidate Tax Plans

With the presidential election approximately 74 days from now, I thought it might be beneficial to review the tax plans that each candidate has disclosed so that you have that comparison available as you contemplate who you will cast your … Continued

Tax Update

Has everyone had enough fun yet this year? “Unique” and “bizarre” are the best words I can think of to describe 2020 thus far. Life is definitely not “normal” this year. I recall a few posts near the end of … Continued

2019 “Initial” Filing Deadline

In this unique 2019 tax filing year, the “initial” filing and payment deadline is quickly approaching on July 15th. Except for the 2019 S-corporation and partnership initial filing deadline that remained on March 16th, as scheduled, all other filing and … Continued

COVID-19 and Other Tax Updates

Well, it has been an interesting year so far – am I right? It was (or is, since the initial filing season is not yet over) the strangest tax season we have ever experienced. It was rather normal up until … Continued

Tax Filing Extension and Tax Payment Extension

With less than four weeks until April 15th, we learned this week from the federal government that the 2019 tax return filing deadline and 2019 tax liability payment deadline have been automatically extended to July 15th from the usual April … Continued

Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes

According to various sources, the most common mistakes made when filing income tax returns are as follows. Math miscalculations and computation errors. Misspelled or different names. Incorrect social security numbers. Incorrect bank routing number or bank account number for direct … Continued

Tax Season

Exciting news! Tax filing season is here! For those of you who just developed a stomachache or headache, take a step away from the cliff and relax and enjoy. As they say, “this, too, shall pass”. We are ramping up … Continued

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Weech Financial! We hope that you have plans to enjoy the holidays with family and friends starting with Thanksgiving this week and through the New Year’s celebration. We are thankful for the great clients we have the … Continued

Political Elections and Candidate Tax Proposals

It is election season although this is an off year for presidential and congressional elections. As you are aware, however, the 2020 presidential election campaign season is well underway. It seems like there is less and less break time between … Continued