Tax Season

Exciting news! Tax filing season is here! For those of you who just developed a stomachache or headache, take a step away from the cliff and relax and enjoy. As they say, “this, too, shall pass”. We are ramping up for the fun here at Weech Financial. We will begin tax preparation client interviews in earnest this Monday, January 27th. The IRS electronic filing portal opens on that day as well.

We sent out electronic tax organizers last week via email to all our existing clients and new clients who had provided us a copy of their 2018 tax returns. Please ensure that you received the email with link to your e-organizer for 2019. If you only have Mac products, the e-organizer won’t work on your system and we can send you a PDF version of your 2019 tax organizer instead.

I have listed below some key dates related to the 2019 tax return filing season.

January 27 – IRS e-file portal opens

February 17 – deadline to provide 2019 business info to Weech Financial in order to file by original March 16th filing deadline

March 16 – business return initial filing deadline

March 18 – deadline to provide 2019 individual info to Weech Financial in order to file by original April 15th filing deadline

March 27 – last day for client tax preparation appointments

April 15 – individual return initial filing deadline

Please note that we have discontinued printing bound paper copies of final returns unless you specifically request a paper copy of the final return. As in prior years, we will continue to provide a PDF version of your final returns that you can retain for your records.

We look forward to working with our clients again this year to complete their needed business and individual income tax returns. Please contact us if you have questions. If you are not currently a Weech Financial client and would like to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us.

Mark J Weech, CPA