Natural Disasters, Charitable Giving and Scams

There have been numerous natural disasters around the world lately including hurricanes Harvey and Irma that have caused severe devastation in Texas and Florida as well as the islands of the Caribbean. Mexico has suffered two earthquakes in the past … Continued

Lottery and Boxing Match Payouts and Taxes

This month I thought I might delve into the world of large payouts for scenarios like large lottery winnings and boxing match payouts. The fact that millions of dollars are paid out periodically to the chosen few who actually win … Continued

Tax Reform on Hold Due to Health Care Reform?

Regardless of which side of the political fence you find yourself, it became evident after the last presidential election that health care and tax reform were imminent. Although several other areas have been addressed, it has now been six months … Continued

Useful Apps for Tax & Accounting

  It’s starting to get hot (imagine that) after a brief reprieve from the normal heat this time of year in Arizona. This month, I wanted to share with you some hot apps that can be very useful in helping … Continued

Post Tax Season Thoughts

As the 2016 initial tax filing deadline has now passed and after a short rest, my blog post is being posted a bit late this month. I will keep it short. The tax filing season is grueling but temporary. I … Continued

Tis the Season!

Since we are knee-deep in the hoopla here at Weech Financial, I will keep my comments brief this month. First, a hearty thanks to all our clients for your patronage – we appreciate you choosing us to handle your tax … Continued

Random Tax Season Tidbits

As we are now truly in the throes (or joy, depending on your perspective) of tax season, I decided to use this month’s blog to toss a smattering of random thoughts your way related to 2017 and predictions for tax-related … Continued

Pre-Tax Filing Season Notes

Well, another year has passed and here we are again staring the tax filing season in the face. The IRS will begin accepting e-file returns on Monday (1-23-17) and the season officially begins. At Weech Financial, we will begin accepting … Continued

Finding True Happiness in Helping Others

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, I am taking a break from the tax and accounting focus and wanted to talk about true happiness instead. It is my hypothesis that, deep down, each of us desires … Continued